Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A day at the park...fun!!!

Our friends enjoy the fun....we had a blast too!

Orange is taking it all in.

Blue has a little fun with Will.

We sure had a blast...great idea Aunt Megan.

Entertainment...thanks to the boys.

Music and laughs....by Orange, Blue and Mr. C

Nini and Aunt Megan even joined the fun.

Pure entertainment...you had to be there.

Roller fun

Our mom thought we should try something new....roller skating.
Oh, did we have fun.
We fell...just a few times.

We sat this song out and enjoyed watching our mom and Aunt Megan take a few laps.
We think they had a little more fun than we did.

AJ seemed to like rolling around...maybe as much as our mom!

Join us as we play catch-up

DSC_1895, originally uploaded by alecart.

Oh boy, have we been busy....really busy! The past few weeks have been packed full of fun. We have plenty of photos to share and lots on fun stories to tell. Join us as we play catch-up. Wait till you see the things we've done.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camping in the living room and a visit with Z!!!

In the midst of a fun week with our cousins, we enjoyed a visit with more cousins.

Plus orange and blue got to sleep in a tent....in-side Aunt Lisa and Uncle Nick's house.
Talk about fun.
More swimming....
Rachael and Zanon were in town for a quick visit.
Orange gets Zanon to smile.

It's been a busy few weeks.
Align Center

A few weeks of fun with our cousins

The past few weeks have been super duper fun packed. Orange and Blue have been busy and will be busy for a couple more weeks....Sabrina and Ashley are in town.

Here's a few photos of some of the fun we've had so far.
We'll have more once mom (baby blue) gets caught up...She's going to have loads of laundry to do!
Fun at the park...
Summer dancing, Concert in the park in Wixom, MI....the Clutches "rocked"...
Playing in the sand.
swimming....lots of it!!! We all know how hot is been.
Watching the Fireworks barge being towed to the middle of the Lake.
Crack, Bang and Boom!!!