Friday, August 27, 2010

Time for a change

I've been thinking of ways to bring more life to my shop. My last batch of photos looked as if I had scanned them...ugh! I did a little reading, never forget all the great tips you can find on Etsy.

Shawl pin....what better way to show the product off, the way in which it's intended to be used. However, I welcome any ideas of how you may use the "Shawl Stick".

Knitter's set! I never seem to have enough sets listed. They sell pretty quickly.
What a perfect way to display....on a book. I used a dictionary!
Looks I like I have open to anger...may have to find a new word.

Simple...Yes! Just the way I like things. Think, I'm warming up to the new look. I'll have to play more with the photos, that is once I get the chance to make some new things.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've gone wide!

and I'm loving it!
Funny as it sounds, Etsy has updated the website, hence stores now have wider pages.
I've started to change things around, move a few items here and there.
It's the way of the artist...always changing and evolving.
Here's a screen shot. I think I'll leave the page be for a bit.
Now I have the sudden creative urge to go make some new items. Oh, how the creative mind works. It's a wonder I get sleep.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tye-dye day....

busy at work...oh, the colors!

Just some of the creations.

We wonder what color Aj is mixing. No worries, Aunt Megan is watching.

Not like the gloves will help. We had colors all over us.

This has to be our mom's favorite day of our summer break. She tells us every year, of how she use to Tye-Dye every summer with the neighbors. We think she like the memories of years gone past.

Here's some photos of Mom, back in the day.

Silly Campers

Sabrina takes a run through the bike trail.

Carter is getting ready for the bonfire.

Did we tell you how much AJ loves to eat?

Alek is going to play Tarzan!

We didn't go far for this trip. We camped out at our house. We sure did have fun.

A vist to see Risen

Risen...oh, how we love you & your owners.

Blue feeds Risen.

Orange knows what Risen!!!

Risen takes two special girls for a ride.

All wrapped up

This is what happens when mom needs to get some work done.
Orange and Blue find silly ways to stay out of mom's way.

The fun in action.....

The silly on lookers...Yeap. They climbed up high, they were not going to get wrapped up.

***special note to moms. A roll of tape keeps the little ones entertained, for quite sometime. Downside would be the the clean-up.
* Thanks to Aunt Megan for getting the photos.

Balance act

Looks like we found some extra toes..nope that's Sabrina's toes.
We loved having her come for a long visit.

Orange is pretty good. No falls or slips for him.

I think Blue ran through...he was the first one done.


We had to share this special flip flop photo that Aunt Marget mailed us. We think she really likes butterflies.... If you look close she has one on each flip flop.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The winner is...

Last night I posted about my new beads and the lack of name. I reached out in a few areas for help with a name....I posted in the Esty fourms, on my Facebook Fan page and here. After a quick 24 hours of searching for a name, the creative name winner is TheSilverMoon a seller on Etsy.
The name you ask.....Wafer! Fun and catchy, just my style.

Here's a photo of the Wafer beads that TheSilverMoon won. I wonder what she'll make with the beads. Always, my favorite part, seeing how others use my little creations. Thanks again!!!
Special thanks to the Mr. Clark for his name too. Think I'll be sending him a picture of a car...that I drew. I'll post that picture later...he gets to see it first.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flip flop break...Mama needs a little help

I've been working on a new style of bead. I'd like a little help from my readers/followers to help me out with a fun name for the new style.

Food for thought...I'd like to keep the name in-line with whimsical style noodle beads I currently have listed in my shop.

Winner will get a free set of beads.

Thanks for the creative help-Ann (a.k.a. mamastaub)