Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flip Flop...Summer Journey!!!

Today is the boys last day of school....Oh, Boy(s)!!! Last summer was my first summer home with the boys. Let's just say things were kinda rocky, but we survived.

Welcome summer vacation 2010.

When the boys woke this morning I had a pair of new flip flops laid out for each of them. Attached t to the flip flops was a small note, "FLIP FLOP Journey". My oldest Alek, quickly said, "cool". Carter was happy he got orange. Alek then asked what/where the journey was going to be.

I explained to Alek and Carter that the
journey will be things we do in our flip flops over the summer. We will take pictures of the places, activities and thing we do in our flip flops. Little did the boys know there was a motive behind the "FLIP FLOP Journey". The motive is to create a summer full of bliss...okay I'm dreaming. The real reason....Report Cards!!! When report cards came home Monday, my husband and I looked them over and discussed how the boys did. After we noticed the summer suggestion list for the boys. I thought to myself I'll never keep them on track. How will I get them to write, work on numbers...on and on. Yesterday while I was out doing the dreaded grocery shopping. I wondered away from the grocery section. What gal doesn't? That's when I came across the flip flops and the light bulb went off in my head, "FLIP FLOP Journey".
The gears in my head were turning...and still are.

-Alek needs to work on his writing.

-Carter needs to work on numbers.

-I need to keep them busy.

-Every fall they have to tell/write about what they did over the summer.

-flip flops need to learn how to clean.....

The big down fall is keeping me on track. So often I will start something and end at START. This time is going to be different. I'm going to stay on track. What better way than to invite friends and family to join us. If I can't keep myself on track...YOU can!!!

Join us as we walk through our summer vacation in our flip flops.

The Game:
Flip Flop Journey.

How to Play:
Wear your flip flops.
Take pictures as your flip flops venture to new places, maybe even learn new things.

Post photos on flickr I'd be happy to start a group.
Post on FB...Maybe make a page too.

The Rules:
Flip Flops must be worn.

Come Play with us in your flip flops.

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